About the Team

The VQ team is filled with people who are passionate about sound and style, this passion is engrained in every one of our DAB+ radios and Bluetooth speakers.

At VQ we benefit from our teams unique blend of experience and knowledge. In the music industry we have staff that’ve worked with Gold Record awarded artists and managed some of the world’s most successful gigs and venues. In the technology industry we have staff that’ve worked with the leading names in consumer and professional tech.

We also look to share our experience with the VQ Intern Programme, which has forged links with the leading British universities in the fields of; creative design, product design and marketing. We believe it’s important to share our experience with talented individuals who are the future of our industry and also to learn from their fresh and unique perspective.

The VQ Lifestyle

VQ DAB+ radios and Bluetooth speakers are crafted to match your style and let you express yourself through colour and design.

To achieve this we take inspiration from the latest trends in; The Arts, Contemporary Design and Fashion. We share our creative vision with you through the lifestyle photography we include across our website, our packaging and social media.

Be part of our creative vision by sharing yours – join the conversation on any of our social media platforms.

Born in Britain

No matter how you look at it we’re British to the core, VQ is a British owned and managed business. We take our inspiration from the fusion of iconic British sound and style. And all our DAB+ radios and Bluetooth speakers are born in Britain with British designers and high quality British components.

Just as Britain leads the way in sound and style, we also lead the way in DAB radio, with VQ at the forefront. Our aim is to take our quintessential Britishness & technological savvy and share it with the world.

Why VQ

At VQ we believe that colour and design is an important part of who we are, so why should the technology we buy only be Black or Silver and lacking individuality of design?

All VQ DAB+ radios and Bluetooth speakers are designed with passion, style and colour making them as beautiful to look at as they are to listen to.

So join the VQ Revolution with our award winning technology that’s designed to match your style.